Newton Aldridge SWIFTAge: 6718611928

Newton Aldridge SWIFT
Birth January 13, 1861 33 34
Pembroke, Genssee, New York

Birth of a sisterFlorence SWIFT
September 5, 1863 (Age 2)

Death of a paternal grandmotherMary WHITE
November 30, 1863 (Age 2)
New York

Birth of a sisterGertrude Debra SWIFT
November 9, 1865 (Age 4)
Pembroke, Genesee, New York

Death of a paternal grandfatherLevi SWIFT
April 7, 1868 (Age 7)
New York

Birth of a brotherSidney SWIFT
June 16, 1868 (Age 7)

Death of a brotherClarence L'grand SWIFT
December 18, 1870 (Age 9)

Death of a maternal grandmotherSallie Dodge BAILEY
after 1870 (Age 8)

Death of a maternal grandfatherSidney Foster HUNTING
March 13, 1879 (Age 18)
New York

Death of a brotherWilbert SWIFT
April 20, 1879 (Age 18)

MarriageIda Belle JACKSONView family
June 24, 1884 (Age 23)
Antrim County, Michigan

Birth of a daughter
Laurends SWIFT
April 9, 1886 (Age 25)

Birth of a daughter
Laura May SWIFT
April 9, 1886 (Age 25)

Death of a daughterLaurends SWIFT
April 9, 1886 (Age 25)
Died at birth

Birth of a son
John Robertson SWIFT
October 14, 1887 (Age 26)
Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan

Birth of a daughter
April 13, 1890 (Age 29)

Death of a sisterArvilla SWIFT
June 20, 1896 (Age 35)

Death of a sisterFlorence SWIFT
July 13, 1907 (Age 46)

Death of a daughterClara SWIFT
1911 (Age 49)
Died in Childbirth

Death of a fatherRobinson SWIFT
November 29, 1914 (Age 53)
Antrim County, Michigan

Death of a motherLaura HUNTING
September 6, 1919 (Age 58)
Kearney Tsp, Antrim, Michigin

Lumberman and Carpenter

Death August 2, 1928 (Age 67)
Mill City, Linn, Oregon

Burial August 1928 (Age 67)
Fairview cemetery, Mill City, Oregon

Record Change August 8, 2000 (72 years after death)

Family with parents - View family
Robinson SWIFT
Birth: June 9, 1827 39 39Geneseo, Livingston, New York
Death: November 29, 1914Antrim County, Michigan
LauraHunting.jpg Laura HUNTING
Birth: March 28, 1826 26 22Gates Monroe, New York
Death: September 6, 1919Kearney Tsp, Antrim, Michigin
Marriage: February 18, 1846Pembroke, Genesee, New York
22 months
elder sister
Loretta SWIFT
Birth: December 9, 1847 20 21Geneseo, Livingston, New York
17 months
elder brother
Wilbert SWIFT
Birth: May 2, 1849 21 23
Death: April 20, 1879
5 years
elder brother
Clarence L'grand SWIFT
Birth: April 25, 1854 26 28Pembroke, Genssee, New York
Death: December 18, 1870
16 months
elder sister
Nellie SWIFT
Birth: August 10, 1855 28 29
Death: March 16, 1932
11 months
elder sister
Arvilla SWIFT
Birth: June 1856 28 30Pembroke, Genssee, New York
Death: June 20, 1896
5 years
NewtonAldridgeSwift.jpg Newton Aldridge SWIFT
Birth: January 13, 1861 33 34Pembroke, Genssee, New York
Death: August 2, 1928Mill City, Linn, Oregon
3 years
younger sister
Florence SWIFT
Birth: September 5, 1863 36 37
Death: July 13, 1907
2 years
younger sister
Gertrude Debra SWIFT
Birth: November 9, 1865 38 39Pembroke, Genesee, New York
Death: December 17, 1939Mill City, Linn, Oregon
3 years
younger brother
Sidney SWIFT
Birth: June 16, 1868 41 42
Death: December 12, 1955
Family with Ida Belle JACKSON - View family
NewtonAldridgeSwift.jpg Newton Aldridge SWIFT
Birth: January 13, 1861 33 34Pembroke, Genssee, New York
Death: August 2, 1928Mill City, Linn, Oregon
IdaBelleJackson.jpg Ida Belle JACKSON
Birth: August 13, 1867 24 26Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio
Death: February 8, 1951Mill City, Linn, Oregon
Marriage: June 24, 1884Antrim County, Michigan
21 months
Laurends SWIFT
Birth: April 9, 1886 25 18
Death: April 9, 1886Died at birth
Laura May SWIFT
Birth: April 9, 1886 25 18
Death: October 1946Mill City, Linn, Oregon
18 months
JohnRSwift2.jpg John Robertson SWIFT
Birth: October 14, 1887 26 20Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan
Death: December 23, 1929Mill City, Linn, Oregon
3 years
Birth: April 13, 1890 29 22
Death: 1911Died in Childbirth

Shared note
Declaration of Intention from the U.S. Labor Department and U.S. census records: Born in Genesee County, New York, most likely in Pembroke, Newton was in Antrim County, Michigan in 1877 with his family. He married Ida Belle Jackson and moved by covered wagon to Oregon in 1891, because he had injured his back in the Michigan woods. His son, John Robertson Swift said that Newton had told him that the doctors had given him only two years to live. Newton was a very good carpenter, especially detail work. He was known for the fine bows and arrows he made as well as fishing rods. The detailing on these items were truly a work of art. Newton went to Alberta, Canada with his son, John Robertson Swift, to homestead. John went in 1909, and Newton in the spring of 1910. They had adjoining homesteads. Newton stayed and worked the summers and John worked the winters. Newton's wife Ida Belle, did not go to Canada with Newton and John She was very upset that she lost her U.S. citizenship because Newton gave up his to homestead in Canada. Newton returned to Mill City, Oregon in 1928. He died from injuries in an automobile accident in August of that same year. The following is from the Oregon Statesman newspaper, dated August 3,1928: Mill City, August 2 (Special) Newton A. Swift, carpenter, who has resided in Mill City for the past 35 years, was killed today when an automobile driven by his wife went over the grade on the Detroit Highway about three miles east of Niagra. The car evidently skidded in loose dirt and got out of the control of Mrs. Swift, who had had little experience in driving, hurtled over the edge and rolling over and over on the rocks and logs plunged 75 feet down the steep embankment. Mr. and Mrs. Swift were thrown out of the car when it was 25 feet from the bottom. Mr. Swift's right arm was broken and his back injured, but internal injuries were responsible for his death which occurred about noon today, after he had been rushed to the Mill City Hospital. Mrs. Swift, who is 61 years old, is prostrated with grief. Her injuries were confined to ???ful lacerations of the head which are??? The car had been purchased by Mrs. Swift only about a month ago, and she had not driven more than 400 miles. Mr. and Mrs. Swift celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary ?? They were well known in the Mill City vicinity. Th following is from record #305 U.S. Department of Labor=Declaration of Intention, State of Oregon, County of Linn, In the Circuit Court of Oregon for Linn County: I, Newton Aldridge Swift, age 66 years, occupation carpenter, do declare on oath that my personal description is" Color white, complexion dark, Height 6 feet, weight 165 pounds, color of hair brown, color of eyes brown, other visible distinctive marks none. I was born in Genesee County, New York on the 13th day of January, Anno Domini 1861. I now reside at Mill City, Linn county, Oregon. I emigrated to the United States of America from Medicine Hat, Canada on the vessel Spokane, International Railroad. My last foreign residence was Jenner, Alberta, Canada. I am married; the name of my wife is Ida B. Swift, she was born in Guernsey County, Ohio and now resides at Mill City, Oregon. It is my bona fide intention to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, and particularly to George V, King of Great Britain and Ireland, of whom I am now a subject. I arrived at the port of King's Gate, in the state of Idaho, on or about the 13th day of July, Anno Domini 1913. I am not an anarchist; I am not a polygamist; nor a believer in the practice of polygamy; and it is my intention in good faith to become a citizen of the United States of America and to permanently reside there in: SO HELP ME GOD. Subscribed and sworn to before men in the office of the Clerk of said Court this 7th day of January Anno Domini 1928
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