John Robertson SWIFTAge: 4218871929

John Robertson SWIFT

John R Swift

John R Swift
Birth October 14, 1887 26 20
Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan

Birth of a sisterClara SWIFT
April 13, 1890 (Age 2)

Death of a sisterClara SWIFT
1911 (Age 23)
Died in Childbirth

Death of a maternal grandmotherMary (Molly) E. HASTINGS
December 2, 1913 (Age 26)
Mill City, Linn, Oregon

Birth of a daughter
Lenore Isabelle SWIFT
April 14, 1914 (Age 26)
Jenner Lake, Alberta, Canada

Death of a paternal grandfatherRobinson SWIFT
November 29, 1914 (Age 27)
Antrim County, Michigan

Birth of a son
Robert Newton SWIFT
August 3, 1915 (Age 27)
Jenner Lake, Alberta, Canada

Death of a paternal grandmotherLaura HUNTING
September 6, 1919 (Age 31)
Kearney Tsp, Antrim, Michigin

Death of a fatherNewton Aldridge SWIFT
August 2, 1928 (Age 40)
Mill City, Linn, Oregon


Death December 23, 1929 (Age 42)
Mill City, Linn, Oregon

Record Change June 20, 2004 (74 years after death)

Gates, Linn County, Oregon, USA

Family with parents - View family
NewtonAldridgeSwift.jpg Newton Aldridge SWIFT
Birth: January 13, 1861 33 34Pembroke, Genssee, New York
Death: August 2, 1928Mill City, Linn, Oregon
IdaBelleJackson.jpg Ida Belle JACKSON
Birth: August 13, 1867 24 26Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio
Death: February 8, 1951Mill City, Linn, Oregon
Marriage: June 24, 1884Antrim County, Michigan
21 months
elder sister
Laurends SWIFT
Birth: April 9, 1886 25 18
Death: April 9, 1886Died at birth
elder sister
Laura May SWIFT
Birth: April 9, 1886 25 18
Death: October 1946Mill City, Linn, Oregon
18 months
JohnRSwift2.jpg John Robertson SWIFT
Birth: October 14, 1887 26 20Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan
Death: December 23, 1929Mill City, Linn, Oregon
3 years
younger sister
Birth: April 13, 1890 29 22
Death: 1911Died in Childbirth
Family with Anna Sophie Agusta NIELSEN - View family
JohnRSwift2.jpg John Robertson SWIFT
Birth: October 14, 1887 26 20Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan
Death: December 23, 1929Mill City, Linn, Oregon
AnnaSwift&Family.jpg Anna Sophie Agusta NIELSEN
Birth: August 20, 1884 55 36Tollose, paa Sjelland, Denmark
Death: October 27, 1963Mill City, Linn, Oregon
LenoreIsabelleSwiftHS.jpg Lenore Isabelle SWIFT
Birth: April 14, 1914 26 29Jenner Lake, Alberta, Canada
Death: April 15, 1999Georgetown, El Dorado, California
Robert Newton SWIFT
Birth: August 3, 1915 27 30Jenner Lake, Alberta, Canada
Death: August 14, 1998Redding, Shasta, California, United States of America

Shared note
Died from Flu-pneumonia The following was written by Anna (Nielsen) Swift as an addendum to the Nielsen genealogy: 'The Swift family moved to Oregon in 1891 because of the the health of the father, Newton, who had injured his back in the woods of Michigan. John attended school in Mill City, Oregon on the Linn county side and worked at the sawmill and on the survey gang with Andy Porter. He also was with the surveyors who worked in the Cascades in Washington (state) on the Chicago Milwaukee Railroad. In 1909 he homesteaded in Alberta, Canada at Tidelake and in the spring of 1910 he and his father took up residence on adjoining homesteads, his father staying in the summer and John in the winter. He was married in 1912 on June 1, to Anna Nielsen, who had been nursing at the Galt Hospital Hethbridge for three months. They were married at Medicine Hat at 7:00 P.M. and went to live on the homestead where five of the children were born. Clifford was born in Mill City after the family moved there in 1925 because of a severe drought in Alberta, Canada. ' During World War 1, John Swift was exempt from the military as he was needed to farm wheat to support the war effrort. He was a very successful wheat farmer. John worked as mill wright for Hammond Lumber Co. until his death in 1929 from flu-pneumonia. Lenore (Swift) Stanley said her father, John Swift, was known throughout the region in Canada as raising quality work horses, mostly Clydesdales. He taught himself to be an excellent mechanic by reading books on the subject . He owned the only automobile in the area. Lenore remembers part of the kitchen set aside for auto parts and tools, all sorted out in orderly fashion.
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