Adela of NORMANDYAge: 7610621138

Birth of a daughter
Lithuise DE BLOIS
about 1060 (Age )

Birth 1062 37 31
Normandy, France

Death of a maternal grandfatherBadwin DE FLANDERS V
September 1, 1067 (Age 5)
Lille, Picardy, France

Birth of a brotherHenry BEAUCLERC I
1068 (Age 6)
Shelby, Yorkshire, England

Death of a maternal grandmotherAdela DE CAPET
January 8, 1079 (Age 17)
Monastaire de l'Ordre St Benoit Messines France

MarriageStephen Henry DE BLOIS IIView family
1083 (Age 21)

Death of a motherMatilda DE FLANDERS
November 2, 1083 (Age 21)
Caen, Normandy, France

Death of a fatherWilliam the CONQUEROR I
September 9, 1087 (Age 25)
Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France

Birth of a son
Theobald DE BLOIS IV
1088 (Age 26)
Blois, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France

Birth of a son
Theobald DE BLOIS IV
1088 (Age 26)
Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France

Death of a sisterConstance DE BURGUNDY
1092 (Age 30)
Toledo, Toledo, Toledo, Spain

Death of a husbandStephen Henry DE BLOIS II
May 19, 1102 (Age 40)
Ramula, Holy Land

Death of a daughterLithuise DE BLOIS
about 1112 (Age 50)

Marriage of a childTheobald DE BLOIS IVMatilda DE CARINTHIAView family
1123 (Age 61)

Death of a brotherHenry BEAUCLERC I
December 1, 1135 (Age 73)
Saint-Denis-en-Lyons, Normandy, France

Death March 8, 1138 (Age 76)
Marsilly, Aquitaine

Family with parents - View family
200px-William_I_of_England.jpg William the CONQUEROR I
Birth: October 14, 1024 25 21Falaise, Normandy, France
Death: September 9, 1087Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
1-Arms of Flanders.jpg Matilda DE FLANDERS
Birth: 1031 19 21
Death: November 2, 1083Caen, Normandy, France
Marriage: 1050Angi, Normandy, France
19 years
younger brother
479px-Henry_I_of_England_-_Illustration_from_Cassell's_History_of_England_-_Century_Edition_-_published_circa_1902.jpg Henry BEAUCLERC I
Birth: 1068 43 37Shelby, Yorkshire, England
Death: December 1, 1135Saint-Denis-en-Lyons, Normandy, France
-21 years
elder sister
1-De Bourgogne.jpg Constance DE BURGUNDY
Birth: 1046 21 15Dijon, Cote Dor, France
Death: 1092Toledo, Toledo, Toledo, Spain
17 years
1-AdelaNorm.jpg Adela of NORMANDY
Birth: 1062 37 31Normandy, France
Death: March 8, 1138Marsilly, Aquitaine
Family with Stephen Henry DE BLOIS II - View family
1-De Blois.jpg Stephen Henry DE BLOIS II
Birth: 1045 33 26Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France
Death: May 19, 1102Ramula, Holy Land
1-AdelaNorm.jpg Adela of NORMANDY
Birth: 1062 37 31Normandy, France
Death: March 8, 1138Marsilly, Aquitaine
Marriage: 1083
6 years
1-DE Champagne.jpg Theobald DE BLOIS IV
Birth: 1088 43 26Blois, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France
Death: January 8, 1152Lagny Sur Marne, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, France
-27 years
1-De Blois.jpg Lithuise DE BLOIS
Birth: about 1060 15
Death: about 1112

Shared note
Adela of Normandy also known as Adela of Blois and Adela of England (c. 1062 or 1067 - March 8, 1137?) was by marriage countess of Blois, Chartres, and Meaux. She was a daughter of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders. She was also the mother of both Stephen, King of England and Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester. Her birthdate is generally believed to have been between 1060 and 1064; however, there is some evidence she was born after her father's accession to the English throne in 1066. She was the favourite sister of King Henry I of England; they were probably the youngest of the Conqueror's children. She was a high-spirited and educated woman, with a knowledge of Latin. She married Stephen Henry, son and heir to the count of Blois, sometime between 1080 and 1084, probably in 1083. Stephen inherited Blois, Chartres and Meaux in 1089, and owned over 300 properties, making him one of the wealthiest men of his day. He was a pious and revered leader who managed huge areas of France which inherited from his father and added to by his sharp administrations. He was, essentially a king in his own right. Stephen-Henry joined the First Crusade, along with his brother-in-law Robert Curthose. Stephen's letters to Adela form a uniquely intimate insight into the experiences of the Crusade's leaders. The Count of Blois returned to France in 1100 bringing with him several cartloads of maps, jewels and other treasures, which he deposited at Chartres. He was, however, under an obligation to the pope for agreements made years earlier and returned to Antioch to participate in the crusade of 1101. He was ultimately killed in an ill advised charge at the Battle of Ramla. Rumors of his cowardice and defection under fire are untrue and unfounded and have been proven to be propaganda generated by later biased historians. Stephen-Henry was often referred to as "le Sage," and was a great patron of Troubadours and writers. Adela and Stephen's children are listed here as follows. Their birth order is uncertain. 1. Guillaume (William)(d. 1150), Count of Chartres married Agnes of Sulli (d. aft 1104) and had issue. 2. Theobald II, aka Thibaud IV Count of Champagne 3. Odo of Blois, aka Humbert. died young. 4. Stephen of Blois {King of England}. 5. Lucia-Mahaut, married Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester. Both drowned on 25 November 1120. 6. Agnes of Blois, married Hugh de Puiset and were parents to Hugh de Puiset. 7. Eléonore of Blois (d. 1147) married Raoul I of Vermandois (d.1152) & had issue they were divorced in 1142. 8. Alix of Blois (d. 1145) married Renaud (d.1134)III of Joigni & had Issue 9. Lithuise of Blois (d. 1118) married Milo I of Montlhéry(Divorced 1115) 10. Philip (d. 1100) Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne 11. Henry of Blois b.1101- d. 1171 (oblate child raised at Cherite sur Loire (Cluny Abbey) 1103. Adela was regent for her husband during his extended absence as a leader of the First Crusade (1095-1098), and when he returned in disgrace it was at least in part at her urging that he returned to the east to fulfil his vow of seeing Jerusalem.[citation needed] She was again regent in 1101, continuing after her husband's death on this second crusading expedition in 1102, for their children were still minors. Orderic Vitalis praises her as a "wise and spirited woman" who ably governed her husband's estates in his absences and after his death. She employed tutors to educate her elder sons, and had her youngest son Henry pledged to the Church at Cluny. Adela quarrelled with her eldest son Guillaume, "deficient in intelligence as well as degenerate", and had his younger brother Theobald replace him as heir. Her son Stephen left Blois in 1111 to join his uncle's court in England. Adela retired to Marcigny in 1120, secure in the status of her children. Later that same year, her daughter Lucia-Mahaut, was drowned in the wreck of the White Ship alongside her husband. She lived long enough to see her son Stephen seize the English throne, and took pride in the ascension of her youngest child Henry Blois to the bishophric of Winchester, but died soon after.
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