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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Alfred "the Great" of ENGLAND
20302381,173Wantage, Berkshire, England
Wantage, Berkshire, England
22October 26, 899
October 26, 901
20504421,1215118926Winchester, Hampshire, England
Winchester, Hampshire, England
Eadgifu of ENGLAND
Eadgift of Englamd
Eadgifu ofAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAEadgifu of 090220506911,119Wessex, England33after 95520700491,0665319358Laon, Aisne, Picardie, France  FYESYES 
Edgar I of ENGLAND
the Peaceful
Edgar I ofAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAEdgar I of 0August 7, 94320657021,077Wessex, Devonshire, England11July 8, 97520773601,0453111658Winchester, Hampshire, England  MYESYES 
Edmund I of ENGLAND
the Deed-Doer, the Magnificent
the Deed-Doer, the Magnificent
Edmund I ofAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAEdmund I of 092120576311,100Wessex, England11May 26, 94620667251,074259276Puckleburry, Pucklechurch, Glouestershire, England  MYESYES 
Edward "the Elder" of ENGLAND I
Edward of IAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAEdward of I 087120393691,150Wessex, England11July 17, 92420587421,0965319555Farndon-on-Dee, Cheshire, England  MYESYES 
Elgiva of ENGLAND
ElgivaAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAElgiva 010252095616996Wessex, England11October 28, 109821223979227326963Mercia, England  FYESYES 
Emliane of ENGLAND
Emliane OF England
Emliane ofAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAEmliane of 090420514211,117Wessex, England1195120685881,0704717167  FYESYES 
Æthelwulf of WESSEX
the Noble Wolf
Aethelwulf of WESSEX
Ethelwulf King of_Wessex England
King Ethelwulf of Wussex
Ethelwulf King of_WessexAAAAEnglandEnglandAAAAEthelwulf King of_Wessex 0808
20156281,213Wessex, England
Wessex, England
Wessex, England
11January 13, 858
January 13, 857
January 13, 858
20344511,1635018275Stamridge, Wessex, England
Stambridge, Esssex, England
Ingelric of ENGLAND
Ingelric ofAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAIngelric of 0100620886761,015St Martin, Le Grand London, Middlesex, England11106021083999615419723Egnland  MYESYESR
Mathilde of ENGLAND
Mathilde ofAAAAENGLANDENGLANDAAAAMathilde of 0about 65519604761,36611yes2004305  -1  FYESYESR