Edward "the Elder" of ENGLAND I + Eadgifu of KENT

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Edmumund I the Deed-Doer.jpg Edmund I of ENGLAND
Birth: 921 50 41Wessex, England
Death: May 26, 946Puckleburry, Pucklechurch, Glouestershire, England

Parents Grandparents
1-EdElder.jpg Edward "the Elder" of ENGLAND I
Birth: 871 23 19Wessex, England
Death: July 17, 924Farndon-on-Dee, Cheshire, England
AlfredtheGreat.jpg Alfred "the Great" of ENGLAND
Birth: 848 40 38Wantage, Berkshire, England
Death: October 26, 899Winchester, Hampshire, England
Ealhswyth of MERCIA
Birth: 852 47 30Mercia, England
Death: December 5, 905St Mary's Abbey, Winchester, Hampshire, England

Eadgifu of Kent.jpg Eadgifu of KENT
Birth: about 880 30Kent, , England
Death: August 25, 968Canterbury, Kent, , England
Sigehelm of KENT
Birth: about 850Kent, England
Death: 902Battle of Holme, England
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